Affiliation No. : 2131113 UDISE Code : 09670911104 School No. : 71345
Every school needs to have systems that help create the conditions for staff and students to work effectively together...
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Here you can verify issued transfer certificate, The certificate is used when you change your board or school...
MAES have been designed keeping in mind the needs of children, with special features and facilities that act as an incentive for children to ...
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Each human being is a repository of most knowledge and efficiency in an unmanliness form and a teacher is there only to help the students ...
Life at MAES is not all academic. Both indoor and outdoor sports facilities have been created to demonstrate and nurture the students...
If students succeed then faculty succeed, MAES has impressive faculties. This ensures a superior learning edge for the students...
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Here you will find a large collection of some of our best photos to give you a peek at some of our amazing Bamboo buildings, a sense of the activities within ...
The concept of the library is undergoing a Meta (Reader's paradise). Beyond books and journals, the library today has to be the repository of information...
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Affiliated to CBSE(10+2), New Delhi...
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Mukularanyam word is a combination of two words & "Mukul" means bud (undeveloped flower) and "Araynyam" means forest (Van). It means Mukularanyam is a place where buds (children) become flowers spreading the fragrance of their knowledge in every corner of the world when they take step after completing their education.
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Mukularanyam English School
D 57/32, Siddhagiri Baugh, Sigara
Varanasi (U.P.)
Phone : 9120812145, 9120812146, 9120812150, 9450181745, 0542-2421042
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